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Estate Planning - wills, trusts & Asset Protection

Randy Bauman and Dan Mannion have over 35 years of combined experience helping individuals and families preserve their assets and provide for their loved ones through proper estate planning. Some people think that "estate planning" requires a significant amount of assets.  In actuality, everyone can benefit from having an estate plan, whether it includes a simple will and health care treatment directive along with proper beneficiary designations or more complex planning involving trusts, asset protection planning, or business succession planning.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your estate planning alternatives with you.  


health care law

The details of regulatory compliance, HIPAA, risk management, contractual matters, human resources, and other areas of a medical practice can be overwhelming for some physicians and medical providers resulting in their practice and livelihood being unnecessarily at risk.  Our firm has built a reputation by assisting medical providers with all aspects of their practices and vigorously defending them when their care or practice is questioned or challenged. 



The "what ifs" are oftentimes overlooked during the excitement of forming a new businesses or entering into a business transaction.  Fortunately, by recognizing and crafting the business formation or business transaction to address the "what ifs," we can help your business thrive and avoid many of the potential pitfalls that could lead to unintended litigation or business closure.  We are prepared to assist with business formation, business or transaction planning, and when the course of business leads to litigation.  



If you or someone close to you has been injured or died as a result of an auto, motorcycle, or tractor trailer accident, we understand the impact personally and financially can be significant.  While life may never be the same, and the loss of a loved one can never be replaced, we strive to secure just compensation on behalf of those who are seriously injured or have lost a loved one as a result of someone else's failure to follow the rules of the road.  In handling serious injury and death claims, we utilize our knowledge of the law and medicine, including physicians and medical experts, to simply and persuasively present your case to the negligent driver's insurance company or the jury.