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We have the ability to assist owners of all types and sizes of businesses in avoiding potential pitfalls that may lead to unintended results, including litigation.  Given our extensive experience, we can provide advice and assistance from the outset to address the "what ifs." Whether it be choice of a business entity (i.e., corporation, limited liability company, S-corporation, partnership, etc.) or other related issues (i.e., partnership agreements, operating agreements, by-laws, buy-sell agreements, intellectual property, etc.), we will help you get your business on a firm foundation for future growth. We frequently assist business owners with all types of commercial transactions, and regularly review, negotiate and draft documents to protect your interests, including sales contracts, leases and employment or independent contractor agreements.

We recognize that every business is unique, and whether your business may require limited or more involved legal guidance at the outset, we are focused on the long term and look forward to assisting you throughout.

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Businesses grow at different paces and they have different needs during their evolution.  We see the whole picture, realizing the personal, professional and commercial impact of business opportunities and transactions.  We are able to take the lead or assist in a lesser role in business acquisitions or mergers depending on the business owner's team of professionals (i.e., CPAs, CFPs, etc.).  While at the same time assisting you in avoiding unnecessary business disputes, we have the skills to advocate in the courtroom or alternative dispute resolution setting (i.e., mediation, arbitration, etc.) when disputes arise over non-compete agreements, contracts, leases, intellectual property, insurance or otherwise to effectively resolve your business's legal dilemma. 

the future . . .

Our focus on business law and estate planning allows us to provide timely and in-depth analysis of succession planning and business sale alternatives so you can feel comfortable and focus on running your business.