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Medical Practice

our commitment . . .

As a physician, you have dedicated yourself to caring for others and your medical practice is your career and livelihood.  We have dedicated our efforts to addressing physicians' legal needs whether in your medical practice or in the courtroom.

One of our primary roles in representing physicians is vigorously defending you when a medical negligence lawsuit, professional licensure board action, or other claim is filed against you or your practice so you can do your best to focus on caring for your patients.  We provide legal services related to regulatory compliance, HIPAA, risk management, contractual matters, human resources, and other legal issues that may impact your practice.  


We see the whole picture, realizing the personal and professional impact of opportunities and transactions that present themselves, whether you are evaluating retirement and the resulting sale of your practice to your partners or a third party, or your practice group is considering selling to the local hospital.  

If you are an owner of a medical practice, it is crucial to plan for your retirement, disability, and death, so that your loved ones receive benefit from the business you have played an integral role in building and/or to enable your business to continue to thrive without you during a temporary or more extended absence. Failing to plan could result in a myriad of unfortunate costly outcomes including significant or complete loss of the value of the business. 

We can help you plan for your family's future by utilizing asset protection and/or business succession planning along with other estate planning tools (i.e., wills, trusts, health care directives, etc.).


We regularly give presentations to physician groups on risk management topics, letting physicians know of evolving issues in medical negligence cases and providing recommendations on how to avoid becoming a defendant in a lawsuit.

vigorous defense . . .

When you or your practice is sued, our litigation team of attorneys, on-staff registered nurse/legal nurse consultant, and additional personnel are all focused on representing you.  We understand being sued is only the beginning of the legal process and it is a process many physicians have never been involved in and hoped they never would.  Even though every case is unique, our experience allows us to guide you through the process, advising you on how to avoid pitfalls and missteps.

Representing physicians is a privilege and defending medical negligence cases takes a unique set of skills.  In defending physicians and other medical care providers, we blend our knowledge of the law and medicine utilizing our experience and the many resources available to us including a registered nurse/legal nurse consultant with over thirty (30) years of clinical practice on staff who will be involved in your case from the outset through jury verdict, dismissal, or other conclusion.  

Our legal team has extensive knowledge of the unique procedural law and case law that can impact the outcome of a medical negligence case and we focus on using the existing law to your advantage.

Each case is prepared from the outset as if it will be tried to a jury.  As a result, early in the case we work hard to distill the complex medical issues so they can be effectively presented to a local jury that may have limited or no medical knowledge and will likely only hear evidence about the complex issues for a short period of time.

With our team approach, we are able to lead you through the litigation process including extensively preparing you for your deposition, which can be just as important as trial testimony and it may be the very first time you have gone through such an experience.